Thursday, January 10, 2008

Snakes and Flowers

This is my little sisters play table that I painted for them. I painted a custom design of snakes and ladders except, I substituted the ladders with flowers.

High Mountains

This is a ditial painting I did, this isnt my layout design though.

Tayla and Star final

This is the tattoo I decided on!

Built to Last

Heres a tattoo I did for a friend of mine!!!

Nikole Sleeping

This is a life drawing of Nikole, my girlfriend. Love you beautiful!!!

The "Dalmster"

This is a caricature of a friend of mine I go to school with in the Sheridan College Animation Program.

Baby Scarface

Here is Tony Montana as a child!!!!

The Point Part II

Remember the white acrylic painting of myself pointing?!?!?! Heres another point coming from a manakin.... My teacher must have gotten sick of being pointed at....

Bare Foot

Hah!! Heres a painterly style acrylic painting of my foot!!! Its quite exciting.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tayla and Star

This is the original tattoo idea!!!

Tayla And The Stars

heres a tattoo design i did for myself!!! one of many stages!!!! It resembles my sisters!!!! Tayla means stalking wolf in native indian!!!!

forest pan

I hate that this is so small! but its a huge file!!!! anyways, heres a first attempt at painting a layout!! The idea is that this is a diagonal pan.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Captain Sissy

Reallly Really Really rough!!!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Maximiliian van Woudenberg

Hmmmmmm, what to draw in world literature?


Just a bored sketch of a grizzly. Pure cross hatching.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Floating Lips

Captain Sissy

Heres Captain Sissy.


Here is some paintings I did for a Bar called Brandies. The top is a painting of 2 hockey fans wearing rivalry jerseys, and the leaf fan is too tall to use the washrooms, Brandies washroom doors are literally 5 ft high. The lower 2 are 2 paintings of the Logo Brandies across Blackboards. More art to come for this Bar.


Heres Otus Playing with his food.

Rough Otus

Here is Otus in the begining stages

Life Drawing Portraits

These are life drawings of 2 models done with Colored Pencil Crayons.

Colorful Apples

Here are some apples that were done on black paper, used with coloured pencil crayons. I did it in a cross hatching style.

Black Apples

This is a still life of three apples, drawn on newsprint with conte.


These are small projects I did for my girlfriend's Breast Cancer awareness event for Rethink Breast cancer. I'm proud of her for all of her hard work she did for the event. Starting from the top is a poster for breastfest that was to help promote the event, 2nd is a diagram of how the women are supposed to apply paint to their breast to imprint them onto a canvas which later became a collabarative art piece, 3rd is the logo I designed for Breastfest, followed by a volunteer tag for the helpers. It was a great success, good job Nikole.

Longos Art

Well here are some art works I did for Longos on Winston Churchill. I worked as the "Demo Guy" on weekends and each weekend I did these artoworks to help promote the product. I started the idea of having art work for each product for the "why not try" program in Longos, based on sales it was pretty effective. (In order from top the products were, Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit, Red D'Angou Pears, and jumbo Papaya). The Demo Stand I also Built for Longos. Each Art work was drawn with Pencil Crayons on jumbo size black foam boards.

Bee Stamp

In case you guys are all wondering, this is my personal stamp that I use on all my digital art work. Ever since I was a baby I have been called "B" all my life, and so the Bee has become a trademark for me.

The Point

here is a self portrait I did on tar paper with white acrylic.

Jelly Bean

Good ole' fun.


Here's a character design, Ooohhh Billy!

My Passion

Soccer is my religion.


This is a painting of a theme I chose called 'Poison'. I thought it was pretty cool.

Tayla and Self Portrait

These are Oil paintings of my little sister 'Tayla' and a self portrait of myself, each painting took me 2 days each.


6 views of each section of vertebraes (Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical). Blue col-erase pencils.