Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Coffee Boy Props

These are prop designs for the group film.

Coffee Boy Layout

These are rough layouts for the group film. The first one is an alley way and the second one is a warped version of the street location.


This is a character design of the hobo in our group film. I'll be painting this guy soon! Also this is a template for our "Fun Package".

Coffee Boy

This is an inspirational drawing of my 3rd year group film that we are currently working called "Coffee Boy".


Bad ass troll. All good fun.


Totally random... No story behind this one.

Bear Pirate

This is a rough sketch of my main character for an Action Analysis assignment. Should be fun!


Jake, random design on a random day.


This is "Tyler", he is the main character in a book that I am currently working on with my partner.

Black Bear

This was a fun design.

Polish Chicken

I was bored one day and my girlfriend and I were talking about polish chickens and.....voila!

The Trio

These are character design of myself and 2 of my best friends Mauricio and Dusan, good times.

Lazy Frog

This is "Otus". I designed him for a character design assignment at sheridan, I enjoyed drawing this character alot!